MAY 11, 2017  -  OCTOBER 19, 2017

Speakeasy Swing at Rudy’s (Every Thursday)

Thursdays are the new best-night-out at Nashville’s only jazz club! Featuring 1930s-1940s live music. Vintage swing dancing. Swanky ladies and gents. Tipsy cocktails. And a New Orleans inspired menu to match. Carpe noctem!
                       MAIN ACT
$10 cover at-the-door (Bitcoin accepted)
7:30 - 8pm Newcomer dance lesson 
8pm - 11pm Live band

SPEAKEASY SWING, our weekly vintage swing dance featuring live bands, is postponed as we search for a new venue.  We are proud of 25 straight weeks collaborating with Rudy's Jazz Room.  It attracted the best swing dancers locally and nationally.  We are looking forward to continuing this popular night as soon as possible!

We throw badass parties.  Carpe noctem.

Shindig Mafia

                       LATE NIGHT
$5 cover at-the-door (Bitcoin accepted)
11:30pm - 1:30am